Maillis Strapping Systems

Our environmental policy

We consider that the environmentally responsible action is an essential part of sustainable business growth.

The environmental impact from the operations is typically managed by :

  • Measuring and monitoring raw material and utilities use, as well as, the corresponding   generated waste streams.
  • Ensuring that materials are properly stored to minimize environmental damage.
  • Reducing use of hazardous materials
  • Utilizing Lean production techniques
  • Recycling waste, targeting 100% recycling rates
  • Re-using transit packaging within contract and industry constraints.

Furthermore the company, in an effort to minimize the indirect impact of the use of its packaging products on the environment is:

  • Developing packaging concepts that target to reduce the packaging waste of its customers  and their energy consumption
  • Designing higher energy efficient packaging machines
  • Developing products targeting 100% recyclability

Finally, the company is communicating its environmental policy both internally to its employees through induction and training, as well as, externally to its suppliers, customers, contractors and visitors.


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