Maillis Strapping Systems

Our History

The small city of Fountain Inn, SC was the first in Greenville County to welcome a Greek-based company. M.J. Maillis Group chose to establish Maillis Strapping Systems - USA, Inc in the Greenville area as its North American headquarters to manufacture plastic strapping and distribute its full line of packaging solutions.

M.J. Maillis group did a major investment in capitals on the project and has plans for further expansion as part of its strategic "organic" growth plan. The M.J. Maillis Group, with almost half a century of packaging expertise, is involved in the manufacturing and distribution of end-of-line industrial solutions. This includes a full range of packaging materials, including steel & plastic strapping, stretch and shrink wrapping and carton tape, hand strapping tools and machines, shrinking and carton sealing machines and special bands.

M.J. Maillis Group is constantly at the forefront of technological developments in the machinery and methods used to secure and protect items of all kinds and loads of all sizes - with ease of operation and low costs firmly in mind. M.J. Maillis Group serves customers in more than 52 countries worldwide, through a network of 28 owned affiliate companies and more than 350 independent distributors.

Maillis Strapping Systems – USA, Inc. specializes in strapping solutions with continuous plans for growth in people, products, and services. The future remains positive for M.J. Maillis Group as it further penetrates the North American market. Greenville County and the city of Fountain Inn are appreciative of the employment opportunities, increased local commerce opportunities and looks forward to the plans for future growth

Maillis Strapping Systems - USA