Maillis Strapping Systems

Looking For Strapping ?

It's important to compare what's available before choosing your equipment provider.

It's also important to get the best value for your investment. Why save a few bucks on a strapping tool if it can't handle the workload? A strapping tool that constantly breaks down can't guarantee a secure strap, and it certainly won't help you ship products on time.

When it comes to strength and flawless performance, no other manufacturer can compare to Maillis Strapping Systems. That's because only our solutions are backed by the Maillis Strapping Systems Advantage. Just ask any client who relies on a Maillis Strapping Systems equipment to keep its production rates at maximum efficiency: You simply can't get better value for your money.


Maillis Strapping Systems cover a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solution.


Whether you need a manual, a pneumatic or battery hand strapping tool, M.J.Maillis offers you the right solution. ( Plastic strap tools |  Steel strap tools)


M.J. Maillis offers the most suitable solution for you along with a full set of accessories.